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jobs.solnets-1-minor-changes Posted: 06/01/2017

Austin, TX,Austin,TX

- I need a PHP developer to make minor changes like: add/delete/move things around and and make some of the changes on an existing website. - Website:

fnm-3-minor-changes Posted: 06/01/2017

Austin, TX,Austin,TX

I need someone to make minor changes to the Food and Menu website. This will be modify existing pages/delete/add and etc.

fnm-2-mobile-responsive Posted: 06/01/2017

Austin, TX,Austin,Texas

I need someone to configure the whole website ( to be Mobile Friendly (not mobile app). All pages from home screen to login profile, to the end of the ordering process to be mobile friendly.

Stripe.Com Conversion Posted: 06/01/2017

Austin, TX,Austin,TX

I have several projects currently pending right now. One of the project below is the Online Ordering Website ( -I need someone to change it payment gateway to and make sure it is up and running.